Social Studies

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Picture of Corey Davis     [email protected] 
Corey Davis   - US History I and II, AP US History
No Photo     [email protected]
John Kitzmann -  Global Issues, West. Civ., World History,
                           US Military History, Service Learning
Picture of Andrea Smith    [email protected]

Andrea Smith   
- Psychology, Sociology, AP Psychology
Picture of Mary Oehler    [email protected]
Mary Oehler      - Global Issues, Economics, Civics
 No Photo    [email protected]
Craig Olson  - Economics, Civics, Intro to Social Studies
Picture of Ryan Schwarz    [email protected]
Ryan Schwarz  - US History I and II, Online Civics, Human Geography
Picture of Amelia Spielman    [email protected]
Amelia Spielman  - US History I and II

Social Studies Mission Statement

The purpose of social studies is to help students assume an active role in today's world and to encourage them "to become life-long learners, caring individuals, and responsible citizens". To facilitate this, students will be challenged to: accept responsibility for their own education, accept the importance of social interaction in working to improve the conditions for all people, intelligently participate in the democratic process, and develop critical thinking skills. The social studies program seeks to encourage students to accept a diverse range of cultural differences and to value the worth and dignity of each individual in the global arena.  

Advanced Placement Opportunities

The Social Studies Department is proud to offer a wide variety of interesting and rigorous courses including, Advanced Placement Psychology (AP Psych) and Advanced Placement US History (APUSH).

Careers in Social Studies

Jobs to consider: advertising executive, analyst, archivist, broadcaster, campaign worker, consultant, congressional aide, editor, foreign service officer, foundation staffer, information specialist, intelligence agent, journalist, legal assistant, lobbyist, personnel manager, public relations staffer, researcher, teacher, economist, psychologist . . . the list can be almost endless.

As Educators
Elementary Schools
Secondary Schools
Postsecondary Education
Historic Sites and Museums

As Researchers
Museums and Historical Organizations
Cultural Resources Management and Historic Preservation
Think Tanks

As Communicators
Writers and Editors
Documentary Editors
Producers of Multimedia Material
Historians As Information Managers
Records Managers
Information Managers

As Advocates
Lawyers and Paralegals
Litigation Support
Legislative Staff Work

In Businesses and Associations
Nonprofit Associations