The School District of the Menomonie Area believes that science is an important activity through which problems and questions in a complex technological society can be identified and defined. Scientific literacy gives individuals confidence to face complex questions requiring scientific thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and the ability to apply previous information in order to make informed decisions.

Through our hands-on science curriculum, all studentswill be able to:

  • Develop attitudes of curiosity, wonderment, and involvement with events in the natural environment.
  • Develop an appreciation for the contributions of science to daily living.
  • Develop techniques for problem solving. 
  • Develop the ability to handle, construct, and use materials and equipment in a productive and safe manner.
  • Recognize that care should be taken in maintaining the delicate balances within and around them.
  • Develop an ability to measure, organize, and communicate scientific information.
  • Develop recognition of the history and nature of science and that scientific knowledge is tentative and subject to change.

Department Staff: Department Video: Science

                  Picture of Brian Grotjahn  Brian Grotjahn [email protected] Biology, Biology II, Physical Science
                  Picture of Angela Krause Kuchta  Angela Krause-Kuchta [email protected] Anatomy & Physiology, Astrobiophysics, Biotechnology, Biology
                  Picture of Nate McMahon  Nate McMahon  [email protected] Readiness, Physical Science, Environmental Biology
                  Picture of Natalie Topper  Natalie Topper  [email protected] Biology, Science in the Community
                  Picture of Dingwall  William Dingwall [email protected] Biology, Physical Science
                  Picture of Michelle Huppert   Michele Huppert [email protected] Physics, Physical Science, AP Physics
                  Picture of Jessie Weinberger  Jessie Weinberger [email protected] AP Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science