There is something for everyone in Language Arts!

Effective communication is an essential ingredient for successfully meeting the challenges of everyday living. Whether students are planning to enter the job market immediately upon graduation or attend technical college or a four-year college or university, the Menomonie High School English Department offers a wide variety of courses to help students understand and develop their communication skills.  


Department Staff:

  • Picture of Jennifer Behrend
  • Jennifer Behrend - English IV; AP Literature, Composition, and Creative Writing-                                   
  •                             email:  [email protected]
  • Picture of Jason Collins
  • Jason Collins  -  English III; Young Adult Literature and Creative Writing--
  •                         email:  [email protected]
  • Picture of Jennifer Smith
  • Jennifer Smith -  English I; Readiness--
  •                         email:  [email protected]
  • Picture of Terri Westerlund
  • Theresa Westerlund - English II; AP Language and Composition--
  •                                 email: [email protected]
  • Picture of Melissa Nolte
  • Melissa Nolte -  English IV; Sci Fi & Fantasy and Voices of Holocaust--
  •                        email:  [email protected]
  • Picture of Paul Watts
  • Paul Watts         - English II; English IV--
  •                           email:  [email protected]
  • Picture of Emma Truitt
  • Emma Truitt      - English I--
  •                          email:  [email protected]
  • Picture of Anna Mae Tempus
  • Anna Mae Zabrowski - FLOW Read; English II--
  •                          email:  [email protected]
  • Picture of Sandra Taylor
  • Sandra Taylor - English I; English III--
  •                        email:  [email protected]

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