Community Service

Community Service  

Menomonie High School Community Service Program

It is the goal of MHS that all students graduate having contributed at least 75 hours of volunteer service to their community. Volunteering is fundamentally important to our area philanthropic organizations, they simply could not continue on without the effort and time given by our amazing high school students. All students who record at least 75 ­hours of community service are given a special recognition at the graduation ceremony.

In addition to that recognition, we have found that documented community service hours (especially those beyond 75-hours) are often used as a deciding factor in college admittance and the granting of scholarships. While this program is entirely optional, it is highly encouraged that all students work to achieve a minimum of 75­ hours of documented community service.

Community service documentation forms can be picked up (and returned) to either,
Mr. Davis (MHS Room 230) or Mr. Miller (MHS Room 244).

Hours are posted outside of Room 244 in the large glass display case (at this time, we do not have the functionality to post them in Skyward). 

Community Service Criteria

  1. The service shall not be performed for a relative.
  2. The service shall be performed without a material reward, as a requirement for a school required program or as a legal requirement.
  3. Attending meetings or being on committees will not qualify as service credit.
  4. Credit can be granted for fundraising activities for worthy community causes. (Please get prior approval for such activities from community service coordinator(s) to ensure hours qualify.)
  5. Credit will be granted only for secular activities, that are religion-related  and only for time of service. (Please get prior approval for such activities from community service coordinator(s) to ensure hours qualify.)
  6. Entertainment or performance activities that are extensions of a class or co-curricular requirements will not be considered service; however, community based performances will be considered.
  7. Up to 50 hours will be counted for any on-going or repeated activities within the same calendar year.

 If students have any questions about whether an activity qualifies, please email:

Corey Davis: [email protected] 

Tim Miller: [email protected]

Community Service Form (Google Doc)


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