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Welcome to the MHS Athlectic Hall of Fame Homepage


Menomonie High School Athletic Hall of Fame Objectives:

1.     To give deserved recognition to outstanding Menomonie High School athletes, coaches, and supportive individuals of athletics.

2.     To publicly celebrate Menomonie High School’s athletic tradition by recognizing outstanding accomplishments and service.

3.     To illustrate to current students and community members those individuals who have been instrumental in creating Menomonie High School’s athletic tradition.

4.     To promote continued interest in the Menomonie High School athletic programs via alumni and community members.


The Athletic Hall of Fame will Recognize Individuals in Three Nomination Categories:

1.     Athletes - recognize successes of individual athletes at Menomonie High School.

2.     Coaches – recognize successes he or she achieved while serving as a coach at Menomonie High School.

3.     Distinguished Service – recognize outstanding service and contributions to Menomonie High School athletics.


Student Athlete Nominee Criteria:

1.     The Nominee must have attended Menomonie High School.

2.     The Nominee must have graduated a minimum of ten years ago.

3.     The Nominee must have earned a minimum of one varsity letter.

4.     Individual accomplishments within a sport are valued (e.g., All-Conference selection, All-State selection, State Championships, State Records, and School Records).

5.     Contributions made to the success of a team are valued (e.g., Team State Championship, Team Conference Championship, Team Record).

6.     Having individual and team success in multiple sports is valued.

7.     Moral character, academic performance, and good citizenship during high school and post high school shall be a consideration.

8.     Although athletic achievement while attending Menomonie High School is of prime importance, outstanding accomplishments after leaving Menomonie High School will also be considered.


Coaching Nominee Criteria:

1.     The Coach must have been a coach at Menomonie High School.

2.     The Coach must have retired from coaching at Menomonie High School.

3.     Excellence in coaching is valued (e.g. record, Conference Championships, State Competitions, Team State championships, individuals coached who earned state championships, etc.).

4.     Contributions to the positive development of students are important.

5.     Demonstration of good character and citizenship are valued.

6.     Coaching responsibilities extending over a long period of time, at multiple levels, and in multiple sports are valued.

7.     Contributions to the community of Menomonie, the Conference, the Coach’s State Association and the WIAA are valued.


Nomination Process:

1.     All Nominations may be submitted by members of the community, general public, and Athletic Hall of Fame Committee members

2.     Menomonie High School Athletic Hall of Fame nomination forms, including detailed information on selection criteria and process, are available in the Menomonie High School office or can be found online on the MHS Athletic Hall of Fame homepage.

3.     All nominations must be submitted on the official nomination form. Nominations are due by March 1.

4.     The Nominator must gather pertinent information on the Nominee and inform them of such to make sure they are willing to receive the award if selected. The Nominator will be responsible to meet the deadlines set forth by the committee.



Hall of Fame Time Lines

Date Task Responsible Party
Year Round Nominations and Questionnaires Committee
Year Round Collection of Information on Nominees Committee
March 31 Deadline for Nominations Athlectic Director
April Pool of candidates reviewed - initial screening Committee
April Final Group of Candidates - review of candidate data Committee
May 1 Inductees chosen  
June 1 Select and Inform Hall of Fame Recipients and Confirm attendance at Induction Ceremony  Committee
July 1

 Collect and complete information for plaque and media

Review data for accuracy

Write plaques information/narrative

Proof read plaques and narrative


 Order plaques - proof

Charter members - year 1-10 inductees

Send invitations to inductees

Find out who will present inductees

Year 2 - Limit of 10 inductees

Year 4 and subsequent years - Limit of 5

September 1

 Induction banquet planning

Release list of inductees to media

September 15  new inductees plaques put on the Hall of Fame Wall  
End September/early October  Induction Ceremony during Homecoming Saturday