Every individual has a natural need for basic skills in the areaof mathematics.  From the everyday use of basic arithmetic tothe advanced fields of mathematics research, all are eitherinvolved or affected by the world of mathematics.

Students will have the opportunity to pursue their mathematicseducation along the lines of their greatest interests and to theutmost of their abilities.  Whether the students' interestsare vocational or academic in nature, some degree of proficiency inmathematics will be of benefit.

Successful completion of one term is necessary to continue tothe next term in each course.  Any student who fails one ormore terms of Algebra I must take Summer School Algebra I to earn.5 credit Algebra I-see your guidance counselor.  Students maynot take two math courses during their freshman year.  Anystudent doubling up in math courses must get prior permission fromMath Department Team Leader.

RegistrationHandbook: Go to the Registration Handbook to see the Course Sequencing and Course Descriptions to aid in theregistration process. Please contact any member of the MathDepartment with questions.


  • 8TH Grade Math --> Algebra --> Geometry -->  Algebra 2 --> Algebra 3 --> Pre-Calc OR AP Stats  
  • OR          
  • 8TH Grade Algebra --> Geometry --> Enh. Algebra 2 --> Pre-Calc --> AP Calc OR AP Stats OR AP Calc 2
  • OR
  • 8TH Grade Math --> Algebra --> Geometry --> Applied Math

Department Staff:

Teacher Classes Taught
 Greggrey Anderson  
 David Berger  
 Michael Hulett  
 Dwight McNaughton  
 Rebecca Seichter  
 Terry Svihovec
 Adam Topper