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French Club

Bienvenue au Club Français!  

The purpose of French Club is to explore French culutre and do activities that we don't always get to in class.  If you are interested in getting to know some more students, to maybe make and taste  a new French food, to play a game, or to watch a French movie, this might be the club for you. Check out the calendar to see which dates we meet.  Typically, we meet on Thursdays during ELT in Madame's room, unless otherwise noted.



Questions students often ask:

Who can attend? Really anyone who is eager to participate actively in the club.  You do not have to speak French to belong.  Sometimes students can't fit French into their schedules and this is their way to get to know the culture a little bit more -- or hang with some of their French friends.

How much does it cost to join?  So far, we haven't charged a membership fee.  There are some costs involved (such as when we do food or if you wish to order a t-shirt).  To date we have relied on fundraising or student donations and that seems to have worked.  

If I'm in French Club, can I go on the French trip? Sorry, to travel, you really need a working knowledge of the language.  Ideally you will have studied at least three years of French to participate in the trip.  Je regrette...  :-(

What If I miss the first meeting?  Then, come to the next one.  Madame understands that students are busy.  If you are an officer, you need to make a larger commitment, but it really isn't too tough.  Just know, you are always welcome!